Jasmine Aviet

Domain Leader - HASS
Jasmine is an enthusiastic and compassionate educator who believes in the value of understanding the world we live in, as well as developing critical thinking skills to become informed citizens. She is a massive fan of Ted Lasso and is driven by his advice to “be curious, not judgemental,” inside and outside of the classroom.
Jasmine began teaching in 2017 as a French and History teacher in Sydney, developing a passion for developing the curiosity of her students and creating more of those “Aha!” moments. She has been a member of the Joseph Banks Secondary College teaching staff since 2021 and has been involved in a range of leadership opportunities including Year Group Coordinator within the HASS Domain and Domain Leader of HASS. Jasmine is dedicated to the learning and engagement of all students and is excited to unlock the learing potential of every student to become lifelong learners.