Stacey Rowlinson

Domain Leader - Integrated Studies

Stacey joined Joseph Banks Secondary College in 2020 with a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education as part of the Integrated Studies and Science team. Prior to beginning her Diploma of Education, Stacey was a worked in the field of Conservation as an Environmental Officer, often working with school groups on local environmental issues and projects. This is where her passion for cultivating well-rounded individuals equipped to thrive in a rapidly evolving world through hands on learning and real world experiences and application was provoked.  

With a commitment to student engagement and developing 21st century skills, Stacey oversees the Integrated Studies team in the development of a project based curriculum that integrates a range of learning areas that encourages students to make meaningful connections between different areas of knowledge whilst leveraging technology to empower students in the education journey. As students explore these cross-curricula projects, students also build their capacity in the Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities and Cross Curricular Priorities.  

Stacey is an advocate for creativity in education, encouraging students to explore, experiment and think outside the box. Through innovative projects and hands-on learning, students are given the tools to express themselves, develop their passions and prepare them for the complexities of the modern landscape.