Learning Support Mentors

Pastoral care is an integral element of support, etched into the very foundation of the College and is seen as a collaborative partnership between students, parents and staff. We strive to create a community where students feel safe, valued, connected, have a strong sense of belonging and are listened to. These connected elements provide an essential foundation for the individual growth and success of each student.

Students are offered guidance and support from Learning Support Mentors on campus.

Learning Support Mentors are identified as ‘trusted points of contact’ through their daily interactions with students. Learning Support Mentors work closely within the Learning Communities with Contact Teachers, Lead Teachers and our School Psychologist to ensure that the appropriate layers of support are wrapped around our students.

We believe in building curious learners by encouraging our students to value their own unique abilities and strengths.


Youth Support Workers

Youth Support Workers work collaboratively as part of the Wellbeing Warriors team to ensure the Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Plan at Joseph Banks Secondary College is driven by proactive and preventative pastoral care for students and staff. In line with the college vision of a shared care approach to support, the Youth Support Workers work closely with Lead Teachers, School Psychologist, Associate Principals, and Principal to identify and address needs within the college and the wider community. The Youth Support Workers offer a wide range of support strategies including short term one-on-one or group support, whole college events (eg: Safer Internet Day, Bullying.No Way! Day and R U OK? DAY), Community Outreach and support referrals to appropriate external agencies. The Youth Support Workers advocate for student needs and model support seeking strategies to encourage students at Joseph Banks Secondary College to develop the skills needed to identify and respond to their wellbeing needs.


 College Psychologist

At Joseph Banks Secondary College we have a full-time School Psychologist available. School psychologists help schools meet the social, emotional, learning and behaviour needs of students. Working closely with the school administration, teachers, students and parents, school psychologists help schools make improvements that are good for all students, particular groups of students or individual students.

For more information about the School Psychology Service, please follow this link.

Students, parents and teachers who wish to refer to the School Psychologist can do so by consulting with the relevant Leading Teacher.





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