Sam Marshall

Domain Leader - The Arts

For over 25 years Samantha has dedicated her professional career to public schools, and has held a variety of Teaching, Specialist and Administrative positions in WA state schools in the city and country, since 1994.  

As a Teacher, first and foremost, Samantha endeavours to create flourishing classrooms, spaces where learning, excitement, enthusiasm, and determination are encouraged and nurtured. An environment where students: feel it is safe to take risks; have the opportunity for learning and timely feedback; are given the tasks appropriate to their level, utilising differentiation, where they make good decisions, and a variety of teaching techniques that are strategically incorporated in the lesson, to cater for various learning styles.  

As a Leader, Samantha has calm manner and friendly nature which helps to bring out the best in the Arts team. The Staff are supported to utilise their strengths to build up an inspiring and exciting team.