The College’s extra-curricular programs provide opportunities for student to engage in College life beyond the regular school day.


The Australian rules football extra-curricular program provides all students with a passion for AFL an opportunity to develop football skills and knowledge. Our development program follows the National Curriculum established by the AFL. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills, game play and team work through after school training and an interschool competition in term 2.


The after-school netball program focuses on extending students basic netball skills along with developing strategies and tactics for advanced team play in game situations. The students develop their leadership and interpersonal skills within a team environment. Teams are entered into the SSWA Champion Schools Netball Competition and the SSWA Netball day carnival.


Cheer is a unique and fast-growing sport, while being inclusive of everyone as it builds team-work, self-esteem, time management and dedication. Our Cheer program promotes innovative practices, focused on exploring and experimenting with a wide range of artistic techniques, skills, processes and styles. Using a variety of inquiry & research approaches, and processes to enable students to find their own artistic style and expression through displaying their practical / physical techniques. Being a part of the Cheerleading program gives students the opportunity to work closely with our highly skilled cheerleading coaches from West Coast Fury Cheer and Tumble Gym to build valuable life skills and achieve individual and team goals along the way.


‘SciScope’ expands our vision of curious learners to Primary School students from Years 4-6. We aim to empower our next generation of students with the tools to explore their own curiosities and pursue a passion for science. Our specialists’ teachers explore some of their own real-world curiosities with our junior scientists, guiding them through investigations using College resources. As the program progresses, our junior scientists begin developing their own curiosities and designing their own investigations, with the vision that as their skills evolve they may begin to consider practical solutions to some of the real scientific issues facing our local and wider community.

English Study Club

The English Study Club runs in The Discovery Centre at various times through the year to assist students to further develop their English language competence. Contact your Learning Community or English teacher to determine when a study session is being offered.

French Club

The French club seeks to develop student’s French language skills with the guidance of a qualified linguist who specialises in the language. Students are immersed in learning the French language and culture.

Maori Language and Culture Program

This program works with students to learn about the Maori language, history and culture. Students are involved makes significant contribution to the ANZAC day ceremony and other school activities.

Vocal Extension Program

This Vocal Extension Program supports a large number of talented singers in the College to develop their talents and challenge them to extend their vocal capability. Students have the opportunity to participate in regularly musical performances at lunch time and school assemblies.

Follow the Dream

The ‘Follow the Dream’ initiative provides tutoring, mentoring and support programs for Aboriginal students across the College from Years 7-12. The Follow the Dream program is designed to give the students every opportunity of succeeding at their schooling, continuing formal education or gaining meaningful employment.


eSport provides students with the opportunity to enjoy a team environment, through online video games. Students are taught the mechanics of different video games and how to use analytical and logical thinking to achieve a desired outcome. Team training exercises lessons focus on developing students soft core skills such as communication, problem-solving, self-confidence and self-awareness. Students also look deep in to reflective practices often strategising through previously recorded games. The program emphasises a healthy school/ game balance ensuring that students do not fall behind in other study areas.

Joseph Banks Secondary College

Joseph Banks Secondary College