Joseph Banks Secondary College offers a number of programs to support student learning including our Homework Clubs Maths Study Club, English Study Club, Bands and Ensembles, and Sporting Programs.

Study Clubs

English Study Club -Tuesdays from 3:05pm – 4:00pm in The Discovery Centre.

The English Study Club provides an opportunity for Year 7- 10 students to acquire learning feedback and guidance from teachers.


The Joseph Banks Secondary College Concert Band is led by band director, Gareth Goerke, who works to build repertoire while providing students with experience playing varied styles of music. Members of the JBSC Concert Band are provided with opportunities to perform for audiences at school assemblies, and at the Endeavour Theatre for concerts throughout the year. The JBSC Concert Band will be taking part in the ABODA festival in 2017 which will provide students with feedback from an expert panel.

Ms Tessa Hutchinson runs the Joseph Banks Secondary College Choir. As one of our instrumental tutors, Tessa works with students to provide them with opportunities to develop their skills as vocalists. In the Choir, Tessa brings together students from all year groups to teach them how to sing in harmony in an ensemble. Students do not have to be attending singing lessons to be a part of the Choir.

Joseph Banks Secondary College offers all students access to the Instrumental Tuition Program (ITP). Instrumental lessons currently being offered are for drums, percussion, vocals, saxophone, piano, guitar, and bass guitar. ITP Tutors work with Mr Chapman and Mr Goerke to ensure lessons are scaffolded to student ability and apply the rigorous standards set by the Curriculum.

Instrumental Music School Services teacher, Keith Perry, runs the Classical Guitar ensemble at JBSC. Students in the Classical Guitar Ensemble are provided with exposure to Mr Perry’s knowledge of music, and love for the guitar. The Classical Guitar Ensemble allows students to perform pieces covering a variety of genres from classical music to the Beatles.

Physical Education

Joseph Banks Secondary College participates in array of after school and in school competitions. AFL at JBSC Kicks off in Term 2 with the follwoing; year 10 girls team. The year 10 boys team and the year 8/9 boys Eagles Cup team. Midterm 3 the year 7/8 girls participate in a 6 week round robin competition.

This competition also ties in with the Dockers Cup which is a one day lightening carnival for girls. Training is on every Friday morning At 7:45am before school, until term 2 and the girls will continue their training until late term 3.

The Basketball after school program has made some strides this year. The Senior Boys team had a 4 game season to start off the program. Even though they were playing year 11 and 12 basketball teams, they played very well. This season was a learning experience for them.

Now we will have a Boys Junior team and a Girls basketball team. Girls will practice on Tuesdays after school from 3:15-4:15 and Junior boys will practice on Thursdays after school from 3:15-4:15. Games will not be scheduled until Term 3.

Joseph Banks College is pleased to now offer a co-curricular netball program. Students from year 7-10 can apply to take part in this advanced netball program. The program focuses on extending students basic netball skills along with developing strategies and tactics for advanced team play to apply in game situations.

Students involved in this program are expected to make a commitment to all training sessions and inter-school matches, which will be held outside normal school hours. Students who are selected to be a part of this program will also represent Joseph Banks SC in the High Schools Cup Round Robin Competition or the High Schools Cup Day Carnival.

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